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Thanks to the We Connect Go app (iOS/Android), your smartphone connects to your Volkswagen via Bluetooth using the DataPlug, turning your Volkswagen into a networked car in no time. This applies to many new vehicles and models from 2008. We’ll show you the advantages that come with always having all important information at hand via your Volkswagen.

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All important vehicle information at your fingertips

In the ‘My Volkswagen’ section of the We Connect Go app, you will find all the most important information relating to your vehicle such as the mileage (km), fuel level, your vehicle identification number or service intervals.

Under ‘My Tyres’, simply enter the manufacturer, tyre type, mileage and manufacture date. You can even book a tyre change with your Volkswagen dealership with a tap of your finger.

Record journeys and fuelling costs

The digital logbook can be used to record and display all of the important information: start, destination, date, time, duration, route – even the fuel costs per journey. You can define individual routes as personal, work-related or your commute, and then export them as a PDF using the app if needed.

The fuel monitor shows when and where you last filled up and at what price, as well as your monthly fuel expenses. For this reason, DataPlug sends information about your fuel level to the app as soon as you start your car. If the app registers a fill-up, you will receive a notification that reminds you about the recording of your fuelling costs.

Driving style optimisation

Improve your driving style by using practical tips from the app. Driving style analyses will help you drive more efficiently and reduce your fuel consumption. To this end, the analyses measure acceleration, speed, engine speed, braking behaviour and coolant temperature, which are then presented in a visual manner.

The driving statistics feature evaluates your driving data and gives you a detailed statistical representation of all relevant information, such as kilometres travelled and driving time, number of litres filled and fuel costs and journeys by day and night, as well as efficient driving style and number of challenges won. So you can see immediately how your driving behaviour impacts fuel consumption.

Make service appointments quickly and easily

Using the app while on the go, you can now contact your preferred Volkswagen authorised workshop at any time and ask to make an appointment, or even arrange one then and there. You can even use the app to call directly or have it guide you there. We Connect Go also recognises warning lights in your car and, with your confirmation, sends an appointment request for inspection. All relevant vehicle data is then transmitted to your authorised workshop so that they know what the matter is and how much time they will need. Service that can do the thinking for you.

Quickly call for help in cases of emergency

In the event of a breakdown or an accident, whether in your home country or abroad, you can use the assistance call feature of the app to directly contact the national 24-hour breakdown service or the Volkswagen service hotline. Vehicle data and your current location can be transmitted and important tips on how to react in an emergency can be accessed. So you quickly have the help you need when it matters most.

Additionally, the warning and indicator lamps of your vehicle are displayed in the assistance call feature. Supplementary explanations help you keep your eye on things and provide tips about what you should do when a warning lamp activates.

Find your car without searching

We Connect Go knows where your car is parked – because the app automatically remembers your most recent location. You can have the app guide you to your car – you can even share the GPS coordinates with your friends. And the app also saves your parking time so you don’t have to worry about getting a parking ticket.

Take on new challenges

Collect points and trophies – by driving efficiently, visiting your dealership or using the app regularly, for example. Reaching certain point totals takes you up to a new level and every level qualifies you for new challenges. In short: limitless fun.

Do you already have a DataPlug? Here’s how to install We Connect Go.

Download and connect the app

With We Connect Go, your vehicle will send information to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Simply plug your DataPlug into the diagnostic connection in your vehicle and download the free We Connect Go app on your smartphone.

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